Causes Of Snoring

The Causes Of Snoring

It is said that snoring is often the result of overindulgence in some of life's pleasures. The following are the causes of snoring and by controlling them, you can become quiet at night.

Snoring & Sleep Apnoea in Women

Snoring and sleep apnoea are generally considered to be conditions affecting men. It is accepted that most men snore but it is not very ladylike for women to snore. This may be one reason why women are reluctant to seek help. However, what is not recognised is that women tend to present with different symptoms to men that are often overlooked when seeking help. As a consequence their condition remains undiagnosed or often misdiagnosed. When considering these atypical symptoms it becomes clear that hormones and airway anatomy play a prominent role in women who snore and most importantly, explain the different mechanisms between women and men. Identifying the atypical symptoms of women is paramount to an early diagnosis and successful treatment. Find out more...