Tomed SomnoGuard AP 2
Tomed SomnoGuard AP 2
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Tomed SomnoGuard AP 2

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The Tomed SomnoGuard AP 2 is a two-piece, infinitely adjustable, prefabricated mandibular advancement device to treat snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea. The oral appliance consists of an upper and a lower tray that are each made of two components. The hard outer tray shell made of polycarbonate is filled with a biocompatible thermoplastic copolymer. The thermoplastic filling material softens when heated in a boiling water bath. During the fitting process the material can then be formed according to the individual tooth and jaw formation. SomnoGuard AP 2 advances the lower jaw and opens the upper airways.

As a result of Tomed's policy of continuing product development a new improved version of the Tomed SomnoGuard AP2 has just been released.

The NEW AP2 has

  • A stronger C channel, open both ends
  • Reduced height of polycarbonate trays for greater comfort
  • Wider trays at the back to allow for wider jaws
  • More room for tip of tongue as lower tray is slimmer at the front
  • Improved bonding of impression material to polycarbonate trays

Additionally the NEW Tomed SomnoGuard AP2 has all the established features of the former version,

  • Stronger adjusting screw, and screw housing than the original Tomed SomnoGuard AP
  • Slimmer design improves comfort
  • Excellent retention in the mouth
  • Easy fitting, and remoulding
  • Can be remoulded many times without deterioration
  • Lateral jaw movement possible

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