ProRx Custom Dental Guard - Next Generation Technology

ProRx Custom Dental Guard - Next Generation Technology

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Next Generation Technology for Teeth Grinding Protection - Replaces Old Technology used in competitor products since the 1950's.

Protect your teeth from damage with the latest innovation in Dental Guards. The ProRx Custom Dental Guard utilises new inner-core technology, new more-durable materials and ultra-thin profile. The ProRx protects the teeth ten times longer than the leading competitor, (based on a lab study). Its durable core with bite pad technology utilises the same technology used in the SleepRight No-Boil Dura-Comfort Dental Guard. One can now expect to get the benefit of a much longer-lasting dental guard in a custom, fast form-fitting guard.

  • Our most durable guard using innovative internal core technology & new materials
  • Quickly softens in warm water to form an ultra-thin clinical fit
  • Low temperature – fast form
  • Lasts 10x longer than the leading competitor
  • Molar guides centre molars on the guard for the perfect impression

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