Sterimar Stop and Protect Cold & Sinus Relief

Sterimar Stop and Protect Cold & Sinus Relief

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Sterimar Stop and Protect Cold & Sinus Relief for infected and very blocked noses.

Based on ingredients of natural origin, it acts fast and effectively on the symptoms of a cold (rhinopharyngitis), rhinitis or sinusitis and prevents their further development.

The efficacy of this treatment has been scientifically proven.

Preservative free medical device.

Thanks to the anti-reflux valve system the Sterimar Stop and Protect spray remains 100% uncontaminated, even after opening.

Hypertonic solution with 100% natural sea water is rich in minerals, salts and marine trace elements, with added copper and cleansing essentail oil of eucalyptus (globulus).

  • Rapidly decongests and soothes the nasal passages.

  • Liquefies and clears even thick mucus.

  • Neautalises and fights the proliferation of viruses and bacteria and secondary infections.


A Sterimar exclusive patented complex based on ingredients of natural origin (hyaluronic acids):

  • Encapsulates, inactivates and rapidly helps neautralise viruses and bacteria.

  • Forms a protective and invisible film on the nasal mucosa, protecting it from new attacks and provides long-lasting hydration.

  • Significantly strengthens the nose's barrier finction and respects the natural mucosa.

Suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and children from 3 years.