Sterimar Hayfever and Allergy Relief 50ml

Sterimar Hayfever and Allergy Relief 50ml

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Sterimar Hayfever and Allergy Relief  contains micro-diffused natural sea-water to treat the symptoms of hayfever. The solution cleanses the nasal passages and flushes out allergens, such as pollen, dust and pet hair.

The salt-water softens and removes mucus from the nostrils, relieving congestion and making breathing easier. Sterimar can also help to relieve post-nasal drip, which is when mucus drips down the back of the throat.

The Sterimar range is non-medicated, meaning it does not contain any steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs or antihistamines.

How to use Sterimar Nasal Spray?

Sterimar Nasal Sprays are easy to use and are fitted with a nozzle which fits all shapes and sizes of nose.

Before you use Sterimar, you need to prime the nasal spray.

To prime Sterimar nasal spray, press the nozzle a couple of times until a fine mist is produced.

  1. To use Sterimar, sit or stand with your head up. Do not tilt your head back.

  2. Insert the nozzle into the nostril and press the nozzle briefly. Do not sniff when you do this.

  3. Remove the nozzle from your nose and blow your nose into a tissue.

Repeat the steps for the other nostril.

You should always clean the nozzle with soapy water. Dry the nozzle with a clean tissue after using Sterimar Hayfever Nasal Spray. This can prevent germs from building up on the nozzle.

How long should I use Sterimar Nasal Spray for?

You can use Sterimar Hayfever and Allergy Relief nasal spray between 2 and 6 times a day.

You can use Sterimar nasal spray for up to 2 weeks. If you need to use Sterimar Hayfever and Allergy nasal spray for longer, speak to your doctor first.

If your symptoms do not improve after using Sterimar nasal spray for 2 weeks, speak to your doctor or a pharmacist.