Sterimar Stop and Protect Nasal Spray

Sterimar Stop and Protect Nasal Spray

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Sterimar Stop and Protect Nasal Spray

Sterimar Stop and Protect Allergy Response nasal spray cleanses the nostrils and prevents allergens, such as pollen, from sticking to the walls of the nasal passages. This hayfever treatment is non-drowsy, free from preservatives, and made from 100% natural, purified seawater.

It is shown to be effective at reducing episodes of allergic rhinitis and helps to decongest your nose.

 How do I use Sterimar Stop and Protect Allergy Response Nasal Spray?

 Sterimar solution comes in a pressurised canister with a specially designed nozzle that works at any angle. The nozzle is made to fit any size and shape of nose.

You can use Sterimar nasal spray between 2 and 6 times daily to relieve congestion and block pollen from affecting the nasal passages.

Before you use your Sterimar nasal spray, you need to prime your nasal spray. To prime your Sterimar nasal spray, briefly press the nozzle until it makes a consistent spray.

To use your Sterimar nasal spray:

  1. Insert the nozzle into one nostril.

  2. Press the nozzle down briefly. Do not tilt your head backwards or sniff while doing this.

  3. Blow your nose to expel any allergens and mucus from your nose.

  4. Repeat these steps for the other nostril. 

Always clean the nozzle of your Sterimar nasal spray after every use with soapy water. Dry the nozzle with a clean tissue.