Nasal Stuffiness

Nasal Stuffiness Rhynil - Spray for nose and mouth

Nasal stuffiness is another common reason for mouth breathing, because we tend to breathe with our mouths open to compensate for not being able to breathe through our noses. It is essential that you find out what is causing the nasal stuffiness and treat it. Using Rhynil, which is safe for long-term use, can reduce nasal congestion and catarrh.
You may also like to try steam inhalation. This traditional remedy is very worthwhile. Alternatively, if your nasal stuffiness persists you may find antihistamines can be very useful. Ask your GP or pharmacist for advice.

Rhynil Herbal Spray

Rhynil is made from the plant known as Euphrasia Oficinalis or Eyebright. This plant was originally used as a treatment for eye problems but in recent years it has been widely used in the treatment of conditions such as catarrh, infectious and allergic conditions affecting the sinuses and nasal passages, hay fever and upper respiratory tract infections.

Individuals who suffer any condition that affects the nasal passages will find it difficult to breathe at night. This encourages 'mouth breathing' and snoring as a consequence. The properties of Eyebright help relieve nasal congestion and related symptoms making nasal breathing easier.

Although there is very little published clinical data on the efficacy of Eyebright in reducing snoring, BSSAA has undertaken a total of 4 trials on its efficacy. The results of the trials concluded that 70% of subjects found a very definite improvement in reducing snoring, 20% found no improvement and 5% stopped the trial due to ill effects (2 subjects reported epistaxis (nose bleed), 1 reported vivid dreams, although these conditions cannot necessarily be attributed to the treatment).

Rhynil is recommended for individuals whose snoring originates from the soft palate, mouth breathing or nasal congestion.

Rhynil is currently our best selling anti-snoring product.

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